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sissy humiliation, sissy cams, humiliation cams, femdom cams
sissy humiliation, sissy cams, humiliation cams, femdom cams
Female domination 101 dictates that all lowly slaves and idiotic subs suffer a good dose of humiliation from their Mistress. She might do it to punish them or it Might be to put him in his place and to remind him just who is in charge. Or it might just be for the hell of it. Because she can. 

What ever the reason though, you can be rest assured that if you use a live femdom cams site to serve one of the superior females on there then you will suffer humiliation and degradation like you never thought possible. The strict women online are cold hearted,mean and heartless when it comes to dealing with inferior, snivelling male creatures and the dominatrix will humiliate you till you are nothing more than a crumpled, sobbing pile of tears and snot.
All of the dominant females on webcam have huge experience in the art of humiliating their subservients and they have no quams what so ever about just how much they destroy you. They are experts at degrading men and of finding out their biggest weaknesses and then using it against them. There are countless ways for powerful women to control their subs with humiliation.This site is all about being controlled in a bdsm cam show


The most popular and hard hitting of all. Taking any guy and ripping his manhood to pieces is destroying his very core. Having a tiny cock is every mans nightmare and to be made to stand with your hands behind your back while a gorgeous women who you lust after laughs at you, calls you names and mocks you for never being able to satisfy a woman will have you bowing your head in shame. She will mercilessly laugh at you, snigger, point her finger at you and compare you to all her real men lovers. She will make you measure your tiny dick loser against chipolata sausages, biro lids and batteries. If you get hard, she will make you wank with two fingers and call all her friends and tell them about the tiny dick loser she has infront of her. You will be left in no doubt what so ever that a small cock waster lie you has NO chance with a hottie like her. These fetish cams are always full of kinky hosts


A natural progression from SPH, your Mistress will make you sit and listen as she tells you all about the big dicked real man she had sex with and will laugh at you as you sit with a pathetic erection, wishing you could get to have sex with her. She will gleefully give you all the details of how he bent her over and filled her pussy with his big dick in a way you never could. Or maybe she will bring her muscle bound lover in and let him fuck her while she makes you watch. As they kiss and fuck and she sucks his big dick, they will smirk at you, laugh at you and she will berate you while he fucks her doggy style, making her gasp and moan. Then when he has filled her pussy with thick cum, she will put her cam up close and let you see a real mans load of proper spunk. Leaving you utterly humiliated and degraded, she will shoo you away while she relaxes with a proper man.


Any Mistress who uses this with you has you right where she wants you. Imagine being forced to sit on your hands while she rakes through your history, finding out all the porn sites you have been on. She will be able to find out your families details from the pictures and what other sites you visit. Imagine the sweaty clammy feeling you will have as you sit there dejected as she goes through your personal computer.


All online Mistresses love this on. Giving their slaves tasks to perform that humiliates them in public is a huge test of a slaves devotion and a great way for a dominant female to have some fun at slaves expense. Things like
- Going to a store and buying condoms, cucumbers and KY jelly only
- Dress as a female and go to a busy mall
- Get on your knees in public and kiss her feet
- Wear a sign saying “bitch slave”
- Have her take your picture or video you and put in online
The imagination of all the live femdom webcam Dommes is extensive and they will have you doing things that will make your toes curl but you have no choice. Public humiliation is not for the faint of heart but you will be powerless to resist her and you have no choice but to do as she commands.
These are just a few ideas and scenarios a live Mistress cams Domme can throw up. Their imagination will leave you shocked and horrified. They love nothing better than having a naked male crawling around in the dirt at her feet and humiliating them.
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