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All sissies get humiliated by their Mistress. They deserve it. From being made to suck a strap on to curtseying as they serve her friends, a sissies job is usually getting humiliated by a dominant female. If you are a prissy sissy in need of some humiliation and degradation then you are in the right place. For on here we have hundreds of superior females, powerful women and mean bitches who are choking to get their hands on a sissy bitch like you and totally wreck you by humiliating cam shows so bad you collapse in a heap of tears and snot.

By logging on to a femdom cams site you will be presented with a choice of dozens of dominant females who are all live and online right now and ready, willing and able to take a sissy bitch like you and totally humiliate them.
 Maybe she will make you get on your knees and scrub the floor. With your slutty ass high in the air, she will make you scrub that floor till it sparkles. She will yell at you to do it better and to wiggle your bum while you do it. Perhaps she will also order you to hitch your pretty little skirt up to flash your panties. Or even to pull your panties down to your knees and expose your slut hole for any horny guy to use as he sees fit.

 Maybe she will hover over you and intimidate you. With only her boot heels in your view, you will know exactly where you belong in her life and of just how worth less you actually are. With your wig flowing back and forth, you will be a ridiculous sight.

Or perhaps she will stretch your ass and make you shove a huge pink butt plug up it. That’s right. She will make you pull down your pants, lube up a plug and shove it in your ass. Then she will make you pull your pants back up and walk around with it in your hole. Her howling laughter will fill the air as you gingerly walk around and the discomfort of the plug makes you winch. She will have tears rolling down her face as she makes you sit down and as you slowly lower yourself, she will be in kinks. Maybe she will also make you deep throat a dildo? So you know what it feels like to be spit roasted, she will have you suck on a dildo and give it a blow job. Taking every inch down your throat and gagging on t at the hilt. Forcing you to keep going, she will giggle at the slurping noises you make and of how much you will be enjoying it.Right down to the degradation off our humiliated cuckolds

Lots of online Mistress webcam hosts like to get involved in group chat where they will invite some of their femdom friends to join the session and then they will take it in turns to have the sissy maid humiliated by making her curtsey for them, parade around wiggling her ass or getting on her knees and begging to be allowed to suck some real live cock. As they drink their wine and laugh among them selves, they will make you stand there in your high heels, stockings, suspenders, frilly dress, slutty panties, wig and with your make up done as they insult you and make you curtsey or bend over to flash your ass for them.

The live femdom cams Mistresses all have wicked imaginations and are ruthless when it comes to humiliating their sissies. Nothing is too far or too extreme. They love nothing better than dishing out orders to a sub and seeing him cringe as he is made to humiliate himself for their amusement. These superior females are live and online right now for the sole intention of dishing out humiliating assignments to use less prissy sissys like you so log on now and leave behind your dignity and self respect.Check out for all live bdsm sessions
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