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small penis humiliation is by far one of the most entertaining scenarios i have on cam and i love every second of laughing at you're lack of manhood and just how pathetic you really are. I love to take pictures and expose you're little dick so others can laugh at it to. Are you ready little dick loser to be ridiculed degraded and laughed at on live Cam? If so be sure to VIEW THE Live session right now
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While every guy likes to think he has a big cock and is a world class stud, there are plenty guys out there who know they fall WAAY short when it comes to penis size. With barely two inches, they know they will never be able to satisfy their dream girl so they spend their time wanking with two fingers and wishing you had a bigger cock so you could get a gorgeous woman to sleep with you.

It is impossible how ever and you are doomed to spend your whole life on the outside looking in and fantasising about being able to date one of these gorgeous ladies but knowing they will never allow it. The only way you will ever even get close to receiving any kind of attention from these premium hotties is by going to live femdom cams and having on of them use you as a verbal punching bag.  More small penis humiliation sessions here

As soon as you log on you will see dozens of gorgeous Dommes who are all live and available to enter in to a session with you and upon entering they will order you to strip and let them see what you have, or do not have as the case may be! As soon as you drop your pants and expose your tiny little pecker, she will be unable to contain her laughter. Putting her hand to her mouth, she will howl with laughter and point at your minute dick. She will exclaim and wonder, with out a thought to your feelings, just how on earth any one can have a dick THAT small? They will take great pleasure in making you stand before them while they dish out insults such as

- Maggot dick
- Chipolata cock
- Baby dick
- Micro penis
And question if you are even technically still a virgin. They love to degrade guys like you by making you get small objects such as biro lids, AA batteries, baby carrots and chipolata sausages then hold it against your cock and measure it. They howl with laughter as your “dick” is dwarfed by these miniscule objects.

Lots of online Dommes like to make their subs wank with their thumb and forefinger and they sit and giggle as you furiously wank away like a pathetic spotty teenager. With it barely noticeable, they will order you to do it faster and faster before they make you stop and leave you denied. As a tiny dick loser, you do not deserve to cum or to orgasm.

Another favourite torment of these live Mistress webcam hosts is to force their slaves to go in to chastity. She will make you put a plastic cage over your cock and then snap the padlock closed so you can no longer wank your self to orgasm or even get an erection. They will have great fun teasing and tormenting you by flashing their cleavage, rubbing their boobs or rubbing their pussy as you sit with your cock straining in its prison, unable to get hard. Maybe she will make you watch as her real man lover with a proper man’s dick fucks her and satisfies hr while she tells you how you would barely touch the sides.
Nothing is off limits to these dominant females on webcam. 

They have wicked imaginations and a ruth less cruel streak that knows no mercy. They do not know the meaning of the words “too far”. They will not think twice about saying the nastiest, cruellest things they can think of at you and they will make it their mission to reduce you to tears and to have you a sobbing, snot covered mess laying on the floor begging for mercy and for her to stop. She won’t however. She will keep going because that is what she does. She is a ruthless, heartless size queen who will berate you, ridicule you and insult you to make you know exactly what hot, gorgeous and unattainable women like her think of tiny dick losers like you. You have been warned! Our Humiliation cams are leathal